Anti-Snore Pillow

Is your partner bothered by your snoring? We have a solution. The Bodyform® Orthopedic Anti-Snore Pillow. Proper neck support keeps your airway open reducing the incidence of snoring for a great night’s sleep. Pillow soft foam naturally breathes providing the proper environment for healthy skin.

Anti Snore Pillow
  • Proudly Made in Canada, Bodyform® Orthopedic has been trusted
    by Canadians for over 40 years providing ultimate comfort, quality
    and long lasting support products.
  • Made from “Pillow Soft” foam, designed to provide the ultimate
    in comfort and support.
  • “Pillow Soft” foam is 100% hypoallergenic.
  • Engineered Cervical design promotes proper alignment of the
    spine for back and side sleepers.
  • High quality Zippered Percale cover is easily removed for washing.
  • Standard Size: 21.5”wide x 14.75”depth x 5.3”high.
  • Queen Size: 26”wide x 14.75”depth x 5.3”high.