Support Cushion

Do you wake up with a sore neck? Do you suffer from lower back pain? We have a solution. The Bodyform® Orthopedic Support Cushion is a traditional cervical roll for use for both the lower back and as a neck support. Proper neck and lower back support will reduce the incidence of neck and lower back pain.

  • Proudly Made in Canada, Bodyform® Orthopedic has been trusted by Canadians for over 40 years providing ultimate comfort, quality, and long-lasting support products.
  • Portable and compact with deluxe Velcro elastic strap for holding in place. Take the Bodyform® Orthopedic Support Cushion with you whether going on a trip or sitting in the office.
  • Support Foam is 100% hypoallergenic.
  • The High-Quality zippered polyester cover is easily removed for washing.
  • Size: 12”x 4”